About Me

By now you've probably taken a look at my portfolio and seen some of the work that I've done, but that doesn't exactly tell the whole story, so here is where I fix that.

I actually wrote my first computer program on a Commodore 64 at the tender age of 10. From there I was always around computers but I really didn't get back into programming until my third year of college at The Ohio State University when I took my first programming class. From there I was hooked and programming became my passion. To my parents dismay, I left the dreams of becoming a doctor behind, and started on my new adventure of creating the new world.

I was lucky enough to intern at a web development shop while I was in school and that decision guided the rest of my career. That shop built web applications using Microsoft's VB and ASP technologies. I loved working there. The work was inspiring the break room was always stocked with free snacks and we played Age of Empires every day at lunch. I was in heaven. And that's when the Internet came crashing down around me. The dot.com bust had arrived. And the company I loved so much was now gone.

Luckily, the solid foundations that I had built there kept me afloat through the chaos and I survived when many others had not. Since then I've worked on many different projects in many different environments doing many different things. I've worked for very small companies and very large multinational corporations. I've worked in finance, banking, agency, health care, government, workers compensation, retail, and the list goes on and on.  I've learned something from each and every place that I've been to and it has helped me to have a broad view of business and how the software industry fits into it.

But now is where the fun really begins. We are on the starting line of a new paradigm. When the Internet becomes ubiquitous. It will be on, in, and attached to almost everything that we do and it started with the smartphone revolution. Smartphones and more specifically the ability for developers to write apps for those devices has opened up a new wave of fresh development and inventing and entrepreneurism the likes of which we have never seen. We are now embarking on the second Internet revolution. These are exciting times.

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