Nationwide Children's Hospital

The newly redesigned launched in the winter of 2009.  Children's Hospital was looking to completely overhaul their public facing site as well as increase user interaction throughout the site by integrating with new social media services and by allowing for more personalized content through the introduction of their new myChildren's portal.

Redesigned home page

This redesign was not just about updating the look and feel of the site. We seriously upgraded the technology within the site as well. We made the site much more powerful from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective with the introduction of "friendly urls" and embedded keywords. The system also generates a search engine friendly XML and video sitemap to make sure all of their content is visible to web crawlers.

We also made the site easier to manage for content authors and site administrators. We created special menu plug-ins that automatically generate the navigation on a page. So the content authors only needed to create a new page and add their content and publish. Everything else on the page auto-generates based on where the page is in the sitemap.

We also introduced new social media tools. Now embedding YouTube videos is a snap. We also added new sharing options that allowed users to share news and articles they like on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with a single click.