Shoji Mobile Framework

I've created a mobile website framework based on responsive display technologies called, Shoji. The premise of responsive displays is that the site will dynamically adjust the flow of the site based on the browser dimensions and not based on the browser's user agent. So instead of trying to customize the site for every possible device and screen resolution, you simply provide general rules based on the screen real estate.  For example, instead of making custom CSS for an iPhone 3g phone, you simply create CSS that is sized for screens that are less than 320px. This will then cover every smartphone browser with a screen resolution less than 320px.

Big Bots Corporation

I have been working in web development for over a decade now and I've seen numerous technologies come and go, the inflation and bust of the dot com bubble and the dark days that followed. I've seen companies that seemed invulnerable (Netscape, AOL, MySpace) only to whither and fall faster than Mike Tyson getting knocked out by Buster Douglas.

The only things that seemed to have any staying power in my industry were the Internet and the computer itself. The prior is still going strong, but the former...well its days are numbered. That's not really great news when the software I write is meant to run on those computer things that my son will someday remember like I remember the typewriter.

Mobile Locator App

As I spoke about in a previous post, I believe there are three general categories for really great mobile apps. The Nationwide Children's Hospital: Locator app falls squarely into the "Need" category. I worked closely with the team at Nationwide Children's Hospital in order to bring the most useful and compelling app while still maintaining their brand standards.

Accidents happen when you least expect them or when you're the least prepared. Caught off-guard, your natural tendency is to panic. That's why the Nationwide Children's Hospital: Locator app is a must have for any parent. This app empowers you to stay calm and to get your child help when they need it the most.

Game Of Phones

At one time in my life I was a fairly avid gamer. But as time went on, my responsibilities increased and my available free time decreased. This of course led to sacrifices. The first of which was giving up the games I loved so much. But then came the very first iPhone and with it a treasure trove of new gaming possibilities that didn't require sacrificing evenings and weekends to play. I loved it. However with the popularity of smartphones came a virtual glut of games so vast it was nearly impossible to sort through all possible titles and choose the ones that were best for me.

I decided that it would be awesome to start a mobile gaming review site to help others like myself find quality games without having to wade through every game out there and thus "Game of Phones" was born.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital Rebrand

In June of 2012, Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio will be opening up it's brand new 12-story main hospital with an additional 750,000 square feet of clinical space. To go along with the new hospital, Nationwide Children's Hospital also launched a new brand. And along with that new brand came a newly redesigned website.

BMW Financial Services

BMW Financial Services is based in Hilliard, Ohio and is responsible for providing financial services to BMW dealerships and customers in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

In my time at BMW, my main responsibility was to create a new document management system to replace an existing Filenet system.

Ohio Education Association

The Ohio Education Association helps to promote educational initiatives within the state of Ohio. They serve educators, education support professionals, local leaders, student members, retired members, and families by providing them with the latest information, news, advocacy efforts, and by keeping everyone connected.

To help OEA achieve these goals we have redesigned their website to focus on their members and their needs. They accomplished this by making the site more dynamic and interactive. The site is fully connected to all the latest social media, allowing members to more easily discover and share information that is important to them.

Visit OEA's website

Nationwide Children's Hospital

The newly redesigned launched in the winter of 2009.  Children's Hospital was looking to completely overhaul their public facing site as well as increase user interaction throughout the site by integrating with new social media services and by allowing for more personalized content through the introduction of their new myChildren's portal.

GeoDocs Web CMS

GeoDocs is a web content management system (CMS) that is provided by AWH Company as part of their suite of products and services.  GeoDocs, now in it's eighth iteration, is a Microsoft .NET MVC content management system that is offered in both hosted and in-house variants.

HP Creative Studio

HP Creative Studio is an online Flex based creative printing application.  Creative Studio allows users to create beautiful cards, calendars, and multiple other printable projects all free through their web browser.  The Flex based front end is powered by a .NET backend written in C# through remoting.

Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading provider of flooring products to North America.  Shaw was looking to utilize their website to increase brand awareness as well as to empower their customers by providing them with the knowledge and confidence that they needed in a very confusing flooring market. achieved this by providing users with guided navigation through their thousands of products.  They also helped to take the guess work out of buying carpet by introducing My Shaw Floors.  My Shaw Floors was a personalized portal with tools to help customers visualize flooring in actual rooms and even their own room through a free online tool, 'Try on a Floor'.